Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Repeat?

I don't want to begin to think that this summer is going to be a repeat of last years major floods (because I can still make it to the farm 3 out of 3 ways instead of 1 out of 3), but it does seem that the weather is hampering our efforts once again. Recently our weather has turned hot, 90ยบ F today, and wet. In the words of one of our friends from church who has 90 acres of grass hay down on the ground, "I'll have the cleanest hay in the county!" We don't have any hay down yet, but the weather is playing a role in that.

As I mentioned earlier this week the weather has slowed down our porch building efforts, but it has also thrown a damper on the fence building project and on the shed construction. Now that soccer is done it has been so wet that I haven't had the opportunity to get everything ready for the fencing project. There are some low spots along the fence line that need wood posts and they have been too swampy as of late. Also, since we don't have the perimeter up yet I'm having to spend more time building temporary fence to keep everybody feed and happy. Hmm... the weather is working against me again.

The rain/mud has also caused a bit of havoc with our new shed. Of course when ever it rains it not only makes our place wet and muddy, but it also ruins a day, or days, of work at the site our builder is currently at. This all adds up to more waiting. Which means no hay yet because I don't have a dry place to put it (and if you haven't noticed yet, it rains).

The thing is though, that I'm not really going to complain because that is just he way things go sometimes. On a related note, the road in front of our drive is getting pretty bad. So bad in fact that the mail man asked us to let the county know so maybe we could get some more gravel. I do agree with him, a couple days ago I was driving up the hill (going straight) and had my wheels turned all the way to the left! Fun ... Fun!

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