Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Piggy Update...

It has been a couple of weeks since the piggies were born, so I figured that it is time for a little piggy update. Momma sow continues to do a very good job with her motherly duties and all seven little pigs seem to be doing very well (although there is one slightly smaller than the others). She also seems to be keeping her condition and looking good despite her recent farrowing and the heat. I will admit that I'm very impressed with the Hereford breed if this sow is a good representation. The litters may not be as big, but she is doing a very good job and the pigs look great!

As you can see from the picture above the pigs have also figured out how to get out of the hut. I have a board up across the door, but now they are big enough to get a running jump and hop in and out (it is pretty funny to watch). They still spend most of their time in the hut, but do like to get out and wander around a little bit. In fact they even stray through the fence panels and into the winter cattle lot!

In other kinds of related pig news ... Our sow's first litter of pigs is just about ready to head to market. Again we are going to be selling by the half and whole and would love to have you as a customer! These pigs are a Berkshire and Hereford cross and have been growing very well. The combination of those two breeds should mean some pretty tasty pork (the Berkshire is known for the quality of its meat). If you are interested in purchasing a half or a whole just shoot us an

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