Saturday, June 06, 2009

Around the Farm Update

Well today is the supposed to be the day for the sow to farrow, so we will see what the day holds. When I checked first thing this morning she was just hanging out in her hut ... like she has been doing 95% of the time since we put her in a pen by herself. I've got to admit that I'm getting pretty excited for her to farrow and am looking forward to having some little pigs around if everything goes right. We had the first calf on the farm last weekend, so maybe the first pigs this weekend?

We have also been spending a lot of time lately in the garden getting everything put in. Better late than never is our garden motto this year and we are hoping to at least get a little produce. We have corn, beans, peas, tomatoes, pumpkins, peppers, and probably some other stuff that I'm missing in this years garden. Last years garden was just kind of thrown together ... this years garden is a little better ... next year I think we will be able to make our first all out garden attack on the farm. It just takes time to get everything lined up and together when you are still trying to build the farm!

In other farm news ... if the weather holds out a little I'm guessing we are about a week and a half from getting our shed started. The calves are mowing it down for us and I'm getting excited to get it up. Of course it won't have any sides until I put them on there, but it will be nice to see what it is going to look like and start making my plans for the inside and for the lean-to. It will help having the frame up so I can figure out exactly how I can best use the space inside, then I can decide what to do for walls/openings.

Other than that we just do as much as we can when we can. I'm really looking forward to getting the place cleaned up ... that is my biggest overall project!


Jena said...

Sounds like things are coming along well over there. I can't wait to see those piglets.

We just signed the contract to repair our shed after the fire in November. It will be so nice to finally have that done, I'm sure you feel the same about your new building. Hopefully your project and ours will both go smoothly and quickly!

J said...

Great to hear, we too just had the first calf born that was bred, born and will be raised here. I will be following your pork project, as this is something I am interested in. Previously we have raised feeder piglets. These worked out very well. What a great blog, we look forward to reading more.

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