Friday, June 12, 2009

Front Porch Farming...

**Today's post is extremely late today because of a little computing mix-up on my end. But, hopefully you'll get a preview today and then an update tomorrow.**

It seems like our list of projects is never ending and it is always difficult for me to figure out what to do next, but something needs to be next on the list. So, this weekend we are going to begin tackling the front porch. This is a project that we have been looking forward to since we put up the building because the view from the porch is amazing and it will be wonderful to sit out there and enjoy the evening. Plus, we have the added benefit of some extra hands this weekend so it seemed like as good as anytime to get it started.

We picked up the materials on Tuesday, but we have already run into a few snags. Things aren't going to work out exactly as I had planned (do they ever), but I think we have "plan b" figured out and should be able to get going tomorrow as long as the weather cooperates. The one thing that may hold us back is water in the post holes. That could keep us from concreting them in and getting the front of the porch ready.

Ideally I would love to make it to Sunday evening with all my toes and fingers and everything framed up. If that happens then we should be set because I think the decking will go on fairly quickly and without too many cuts. That is one nice thing about a porch that is only 6 feet by 45 feet. I'll keep you updated on the progress and hopefully some relaxing front porch farming pictures soon!

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