Monday, June 29, 2009

Construction Round 2

We just got word from our builder that we are next in line to get our pole building up. This is the same builder that put up our house, and this pole building is almost the same dimensions as our house although it's a tad bigger. We will be using this building for our shed to store hay and to have a place for animals when the weather is bad. We are really excited to finally get this up, and it will be helpful to have it up when we put up our fence also, which should happen in July.

So since we are starting round 2 of pole building construction, we figured it's time to finish up after the first round. Or at least clean up after it. (We still have a fair amount of projects with our house until it is 100 % finished.) We've had a dumpster the last month that is getting emptied once one week. Our property is finally getting cleared of all of the construction garbage from building our house. All that is left is a pile of dry wall scraps behind the house, and in about 2 weeks we should have the majority of the property cleaned up again.

1 comment:

Art Blomquist said...

2do,2d0,2done. Sometimes it seems like it takes forever to get a project to 100% Were very interested to see your progress on the pole shed. I will be deconstructing a log barn and converting to a pole shed.

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