Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More Than New Pigs...

**Thanks to a week of Vacation Bible School and a good morning of work today's post is very late compared to normal. But, it is a post nevertheless.**

I thought it would be a good idea to update the progress of the pigs that were born Sunday afternoon. As I mentioned there were nine pigs born and all seemed to be doing very well that evening as they bellied up to the bar and got their first meal. But, that night (in the midst of one major thunderstorm after another) she stepped on or crushed two. Since then she seems to be the model mother, but I'm not getting my hopes up to high yet.

The new pigs on Sunday evening weren't the only new additions to the farm that day though. That night at my soccer banquet one of the dad's asked me what kind of farm dog we had. I responded that our dog really wasn't much of a farm dog, but that we had been looking for something bigger. To make a long story short ... he offered us a male Great Pyrenees that is three months old.

Now we have a big dog on the place! I would love any tips on training a Great Pyrenees though...


ablom said...

Congrats on the new additions(s)

While I'm no expert on dogs I have a couple. The latest being a Rottie. I train them to do the usual things: Sit, stay, come, heel and that humans are the first through the door. We also take food from them when they are eating. I want them to get used to the idea that humans come first. I don't want some little visitor getting a dog upset.

Steven said...

Our first Pyr had to be put down after getting ran over so we're now starting over with a GrPyr/Komondor cross. So far he seems to have a coat much closer to the Pyr.... I'm crossing my fingers that it stays that way.
My only advice is to keep him around the animals as much as possible and make yourself the alfa. Do this by not petting him right away, give him some time of ignoring and then pet him. Also, eat in front of him and don't let him have any. If you let him become the alfa, he can be very headstrong. FYI the 6 wire HT electric worked to keep in our last Pyr! good luck.

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

your family is truly being blessed that is for sure! dog, pigs, calf, fruit trees, baby, & house that went up quickly due to wonderful friends and church family how exciting!!

C-re said...

I used to help out a lady with a goat dairy when she was out of town. She had several GP's and she said the key is to put them with a baby (or without a baby, with the herd) and leave them there. They bond with the animals rather than humans so their instinct is to protect their newfound family.

BUT, her GPs were very sweet and social because we were in there twice a day. They interacted well with us were very affectionate.

I love GPs! If we ever get those sheep I want, I'm totally getting one. Be ready to invest in some clippers though! They'll need it in the summer.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new dog, I think you'll enjoy and benefit from having an LGD on the place!

We got a 5 month old Maremma in Feb. The biggest challenge I've found with her is immaturity and silliness: which has to be managed carefully around stock so she doesn't learn bad habits, like chasing, but still bonds fully with stock instead of people or our other dogs.

Basic training, like leash breaking and recalls, is hard when they are outside all the time-different from a housepet where you are constantly interacting. I've had to be creative!

But, so far, our dog has been smart and willing, she has progressed better than I thought given the unique situation a LGD has. And, coyotes and people stay away from her pasture and big bark- so she's effective already!

Good luck and keep us posted! I wanna see a picture! It always seems amazing, how BIG LGDs are when they are small! :)

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