Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Opps... I Forgot to Post!

Last night we spent our first night at the farm. It was more like camping than staying in our house because we slept on an air mattress on the cement floor, but it was still great to spend the night out there an get a taste of what it will be like in just a couple of weeks. But, in all the commotion of sleeping out at the farm and working late putting in the flooring I just realized that I forgot to post! It is pretty unusual for me to have such a late post, but I'll take a quick break from work at the church to update you on the happenings at the farm.
  • The new closing date has been set for October 14th. As soon as I get at least one room completely covered with flooring (and we have the outlets installed) I'm going to start taking over boxes and just stacking them up. If I can get the flooring throughout the house by the 14th then all the better!
  • Sometime this week I'm going to have to take an afternoon off to put up a small paddock for a couple of Dexters. I tell you more about that a little later.
  • If you follow my wife's blog you will know that all the doors and closets and the trim that goes around them are all done. All that is left is the baseboard (need to get the flooring done) and around the windows.
  • We still don't have the chimney installed yet for the stove, but I do believe we have found an Amishman that will come up and do the work for us so that we know it is done right and that we won't have a leaky roof.
  • Our pigs are growing well and should be ready to process in just a few weeks (I'll be sending out information for those interested this week so shoot me an e-mail if you would like the information). They have been a bit cantankerous lately though by knocking the plug out of their waterer. I'm not quite sure how they are doing it.
  • The tractor is mostly up and running at this point with all new hydraulic hoses, new rear tires, new oil, and a few other things. Now I just need to get a new belt (because it broke) for the power steering unit and we are good to go.
  • Once that belt (mentioned above) is fixed I'm going to spread the gravel out on our drive a little more and get a HUGE dumpster out there to clean up all the construction mess. I can't stand the piles of garbage we have now!
  • Whew, there is a lot to do in the next couple of weeks and beyond, but I have to admit that I'm mostly loving it.
Sorry for the late post, and I hope everyone is having a great day...

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Jean said...

No need to apolize! It happens to the best of us when we were extremely absorbed and busy.

Enjoy all this mess and progresses... you get to experience THIS only once!

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