Monday, October 13, 2008

Free Stuff Available...

I haven't had any time to take any pictures because we have been in all out moving mode, so this will have to be one of those pictureless posts. But, I am glad to report that along with moving three loads of stuff from the house (a load consisted of a 6x12 Uhual, a Chevy Astro, a small car, and the big old church van) we were able to get some important jobs done today with the help of Becca's family. They helped put up some plywood in the storage area so we are slightly more mouse proof and plant the important flowers that we dug up from the old house.

But, I still haven't mentioned the free stuff... This is the way it is. If anyone would like anything for free they can just show up at our house in town! Yes, we had two extra weeks to move, but in those two weeks we had to decide if we were going to do some more major packing or if we were going to get the house more prepared. We decided to go with more house work, and I'm glad we did, but that meant that not everything was in a box.

We are now left with a house that seems full of stuff, but really isn't too full ... it just appears that way. Today my family is coming up to help and hopefully we can get most of it gathered up and out to the farm because we have to be out on Tuesday. And to tell you the truth I just want to be done!

As a funny aside it was my week to give the message at church and I just happened to be talking about materialism and giving. The idea was that the best cure for materialism was giving. I reminded the people that if they weren't sure whether or not they had been sucked into the materialistic trap a time or two all they needed to do was MOVE! Than you really see how much junk that you feel like you "need" to have.

Let me just say I am humbled again, and re-energized to live a more simple life. One of those simple things I enjoyed today was seeing the chickens wandering around the farm. We finally we able to let them out of their mobile pen because we are going to be around all of the time ... it was a great thing to see!

**Sorry for the rambling post, hopefully we'll be back into a better routine by the end of the week.**

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