Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Farmers' Markets Today Magazine

Recently I was contacted by someone who works at "Farmers' Markets Today" magazine after I wrote a Epi-Log post about some of the magazines out there for the homesteader types or the wanna-be-homesteader types. Well, yesterday I received a sample issue of the magazine and I liked what I saw. Plus, I liked the fact that it is based out of the town where I spent the first 21 years of my life ... Cedar Falls, IA!

It really is a fairly new publication, only debuting in June of 2007, but I think the have done a wonderful job putting it together. Plus the subject matter is right up my alley and I love the fact that they do a really good job of going straight to the source when it comes to their surveys, articles, and more. Another great thing about this magazine is I believe it can help direct-to-consumer farmers all over the country share ideas and things that are working for them. Every other business sector has a "journal", so why not the small-scale direct marketing farmers.

You, can check out their website linked above for more information ... but, here is a sampling of what is in the issue I received.
  • An article about mobile food sales and deliveries.
  • A neat little piece about a blueberry association that's members work together in marketing and more (really cool idea ... any ADCA members want to jump on this)
  • Tips on buying a used tractor online (I could have used this earlier ... although I'm pleased with ours).
  • An article about pricing strategies at farmers' markets.
  • And of course there is a whole lot more that I didn't mention.
I encourage you to check this neat magazine out and even give it a try if you would like!

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