Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday Farm Round-Up

It has been a few days since I updated everyone on what is happening at the farm, so I decided today I would take a break from my analysis of Alan Nation's latest editorial column. Below are just some of the happenings lately:
  • As you can see the picture on the left we now have a floor in our house. Having that slab of concrete just makes it begin to feel like it is all coming together and helps give us a better picture of what the real size of our new house will be.
  • Since the concrete is down our builder is now able to come back and put on the steel, doors, windows, and frame in the mud room. He said he may be able to start on Saturday, but looking at the forecast I'm guessing it will be closer to early next week.
  • Last weekend we made the pig pen a little bigger in order to encompass the entire area of next years garden. They are really beginning to work through the soil and adding some much needed fertilizer! They do seem to respect the electric pretty well now, so I am toying with the idea of putting the feeder pigs out in a electric netting pen ... except I don't have any perimeter fence, so I'm a little wary. Any thoughts?
  • Yesterday we were finally able to begin baling hay at my dad's place. Between the unending rain and trip by my dad and family it has taken awhile. It didn't go without a hitch, but we have it begun ... I'm sure I'll post more on our baling experiences later.
  • And finally, I guess I have neglected to blog about our latest news ... Steven did notice ... we are expecting our third child this coming November! Just in time to join us on the farm (hopefully we will be on the farm by then...).

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