Monday, July 07, 2008

The Building Continues...

Okay, sorry for such a late post today. Between family, church work, farm chores, trying to sell a house, and the building work things are a little crazy around here lately. Because of that my early morning posts are becoming more difficult to pull off if I don't write them the night before. I would encourage everyone that enjoys reading the blog regularly (I do feel sorry for you if you keep up with this mumbling) to subscribe on the right through Feedburner to receive the posts in your inbox. It is just an easy way for you to keep up.

Now, for the updates:
  • As you can see from the picture above we have the waste lines roughed in and the water line run. It is absolutely wonderful to have water on the farm ... now for the electric ...
  • We went to a wedding this Thursday/Friday ... it is always nice to take a break from the work.
  • Saturday morning we worked on the plumbing stuff in the morning and then my Father-in-Law and I went out to finish pulling all the old fence posts. I got one pulled when a seal burst on my left hydraulic cylinder on the loader. Let's just say that fluid was flying and the work was done for the day!
  • I spent a small part of Saturday evening dickering with my cousin/uncle over the price of some used cylinders. Now I have two cylinders from an old Hesston baler. They are two-way instead of one-way, so that will be nice. I do need to get more hoses, couplings, and fittings now though before I'm up and running again.
  • Yesterday we went to my dads to check on the cows, horses, and chickens. I was dinking around with some stuff while the family looked at the cattle. When I went over I noticed something was different ... there was one more calf! There was a little black bull calf born in the last two days to Kenosha. That makes five calves this year (three heifers and two bulls).
Lots of stuff on tap this week... I'll keep updating and remember to check out the subscription on the right if you would like.

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