Monday, May 25, 2009

Victory Gardens

In honor of Memorial Day today I found this very short video on Victory Gardens. You can read more about Victory Gardens on Wikipedia, but if you have any historical facts and on them I would love to hear them!


Yeoman said...

I've been a student of Victory Gardens for quite a while, and have amassed electronic copies of WWII vintage posters on them.

As interesting as they are, I think the World War One effort is even more interesting. The Victory Garden of WWII was an interesting effort, but the gardens of WWI actually had an air of desperation about them, as there were very genuine concerns that there were going to be severe food shortages. I have a collection of electronic variants of the WWI posters as well.

World War One also saw the employment of women, and boys, in farm fields. This reflected, in part, the fact that there was much less mechanization in the Great War, so women and boys had to be mobilized to replace the men who had gone to war. I have some WWI vintage posters from the US and Canada on that.

When I get a chance, I'll post the posters to my own blog and then link back the link back here. Unfortunately, I'm spending this Memorial Day down in my office, so I best do that later.

fullfreezer said...

For a modern day Victory Garden project, check out

Yeoman said...

I uploaded a collection of Victory Garden and War Garden posters, and some associated posters, on my blog. The URL for the post is here:

Hope folks will find them interesting!

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