Monday, May 11, 2009

The Thing About 27 Fruit Trees...

When people find out that we have been gifted 27 fruit tree seedlings the have been saying something along the lines of, "Wow, that will be really great for you in a few years when it gets going". To that I usually respond with something like, "Well, fruit trees are really my wife's thing." "Yeah," they say, "but think of all the great fruit you will enjoy!" To which I respond, "Yep, there is a reason that I started the farm with pigs, chicken, and cows ... I like meat!" But, I really am excited about the possibility of the orchard and can't wait to see if it takes off.

There are a few things I learned this weekend about 27 fruit trees this weekend though. Above all I learned that 27 fruit trees require 27 holes and that it takes some time and effort to dig 27 holes in a somewhat clay soil! I also learned that sometimes the best location for the orchard is not the easiest place to put the trees. In the process of planting the orchard I had to tear down a calf pen and move a big pile of compost (manure/hay). It is not a big deal and the trees are now in the best place for our farm layout plans, but it did take three days to plant instead of one or two.

And finally, I learned that there are a lot of people out there with great advice and I am thankful for them. Between comments on this blog, my wife's blog, and from the Practical Farmers of Iowa list we were able to glean a lot of knowledge. That I am thankful for!

In five to seven years (or how ever long it takes) I invite you out to the farm for some fresh fruit!

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