Saturday, May 23, 2009

Take it From Me: Lessons Learned 6

Okay, this is the last lesson for now, but I think it is one that I have thought of most often ... Just get out there and farm! Now, I'm not saying that whenever you have the urge to farm you just drop everything and head to country, but as you have heard me and others say from time to time on the blog you just need to get out there and do it sometimes.

As soon as we started to have the farming idea takeoff in our minds I started filling my mind with as much information as I could. I read and read and read and read! I had conversations about farming with trusted family members and we started to formulate plans. But, then we hit a point where it just need to happen or not. So, we bought a farm, moved to the country (eventually after the house building help of many), and decided to build this farm from the ground up.

Now, since it is Saturday and I don't have too many obligations I am going to go farm. In this case I'm building some pig shelters and a new area for the sow...


Art Blomquist said...

As my wife likes to say: " Do it, Do it, you can do it." The Big Guy gives us the ground to walk on - we just need to move the feet.

I know I can sure spend a lot of time procrastinating, where the smallest actual beginning really makes the difference.

Not that planning isn't important, it is, but sometimes we just need to build the pig pen.

Your progress has been amazing and an inspiration.

kate said...

I admire you! thanks for the lessons, I've just started following you and am looking forward to watching your journey as my own little 84 square feet of "farm" grow as well. -kate

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