Friday, May 15, 2009

No Control!

On the farm we are continually to the mercy of so many things. It seems we are always dealing with the consequences of the wind, snow, cold, rain, mud, escaped animals, lack of infrastructure, time constraints, daylight, and so much more. This week it has been the rain! In fact since midnight we have received well over 3/4 of an inch and as I type right now it is still raining (although I think we are getting to the end of this round of showers). All of this rain really is a double edged sword though.

On one hand it I know that I should never curse the rain because then I will complain when it is gone, but in our situation it really does hinder our progress. I suppose on a farm that was all set up this much rain would be a hindrance, but it wouldn't bring all progress to a stand still. This weeks plans included the tilling and seeding of our front yard (a much needed project), but now we just have a lake again in the front yard.

The rain also slows down our perimeter fencing preparations because I haven't been able to get to a few places to clear out some brush and get ready for the corner posts. On top of all that the rain, and more importantly the mud that it brings, will slow down the progress on our new shed. They have not started yet, but everyday that it pours like this our project gets pushed back a little.

But, I will say this about the rain ... as I walked around the fence this morning checking on the cows in my mud boots and rain suit I did enjoy the sound of the rain. I think just about every type of weather or condition is beautiful in it's own way on the farm and I'm thankful for all of that beauty!


Anonymous said...

Even though you think that the lawn needs to be seeded now, I would wait until after Labor Day. Every sod farm somewhat close to you will wait until Fall to seed in order to get the best growth started. The Fall rains with cooler weather in the future will help for the best growth possible.
Be thankful for plenty of moisture. We to the north of you are very short of it this Spring. As I walked the pasture fences yesterday, the grass is very short for this time of year. We wouldn't mind it at all if some rain would come our way. But God knows what we need and when we need it, whether it be rain or not. Our responsibility is to trust Him and obey Him.
God's blessings be yours as you trust Him for everything.

Anonymous said...

Except you can't always count on fall rains - you're more likely to get moisture now for grass germination and establishment.

Anonymous said...

I just visited with a sod farmer who told me that the lawn seeding in the Fall has a much better chance of being weed free.

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