Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Not Alone

This has been a busy week on the farm and in town, so I haven't had a chance to be very consistent on my early morning blog posts. But, today I just wanted to take a quick moment to say thank you. First of all I want to say thanks to all that read the blog and encourage/educate me. As I have said numerous times before this has become way more than just a place for me to put down my thoughts, it has also become a great place for me to learn (and I hope others are learning along the way as well). Secondly, I want to thank my wife!

Without her on the farm (and her willingness get out there and do everything) this would not even be possible. She feeds and waters the animals when I can't, gets the cows back in by herself, fixes fence, works on the garden, does construction work on the house, takes care of the kids, keeps up the house, and on and on and on. And most of the time she has to do these things alone because I'm away at soccer or at the church. I couldn't do it without her!


Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Yep, can't forget to give thanks to those that put up with us.

My wife is always there to lend a hand when asked or to not be around when asked. Depends on the job at hand and the language I'm using at the time to get the job done.

The Beginning Farmer's Wife said...

I'm glad I can be your farm wife. I love you! :)

John said...

So, tell us the story about the picture.

I just taught my wife to be able to shift the 8 speed on my ford and use the PTO. Now she has me get the rotary mower hooked up ever so often so she can go mowing around the farm. She says it is nice to just cruise around mowing and enjoy the farm scenery! And one less task for me to have to do, so I can focus on the fencing work. Teamwork!


E Hanna said...

One word: Beautiful!

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