Wednesday, June 25, 2008

When it Rains it Pours...

That could probably be the motto of the Midwest lately with all of our rain/flooding. And usually that phrase is used in conjunction with bad news. But, today I'm using it for good news ... it just seems like everything is coming on all at once and it is really starting to pour!

After church on Sunday I spent the afternoon starting on the fencing for the pigs. Then Monday morning I got up pretty early to finish up the fence, fix a flat tire on the truck, unload our hog hut and feeder from the stock trailer, met my dad at the farm to get his mower, mow about one acre of the field for our building area, plow the garden, till the garden, and on and on! Bright and early Tuesday the pigs arrived and I got them settled in and then went back to the farm in the afternoon to put up a single electric wire around the inside of the hog fencing. It was a busy few days, but there is not a lot of activity out at the farm.

That is all good news, but the best news came this morning after I got home from feeding the pigs. I had just sat down to type my blog post when I received a call from our builder. He wanted to go drill the holes for the posts! So, I had to hop back into the truck and lead him out to the farm. Unfortunately we couldn't stick around and watch them work, but we are planning on going to look at our holes later this evening.

It is really exciting to see so much work getting done at the farm because we have spent so much time planning. Hopefully in a week or two we will have our home framed up in addition to the pigs, the garden, and the equipment that is already there. Now, if we could just get the electric company to put in a temp. service (not likely) and finally get the water guys out there we would be good to go.

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