Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Late Post ... But, Interesting Article

Wow, this is one of the latest times I have posted (except when I just forget to put it up). It is Vacation Bible School week at the church and I have been crazy busy (especially after the weekend) getting things ready and trying to coordinate it all. Hopefully things will continue to slow down a little ... but, I doubt it. So, that is my sob story on why this is a such a late post. But, I did come across a really interesting article that I wanted to share.

According to the article, "New Research: Consumers Willing to Pay More for Locally Produced Food", the average grocery store consumer is willing to pay a little more for locally grown foods. And, at the Farmer's Market they are willing to pay almost twice as much as the would for the same food at the grocery store (I assume they are talking about the bigger Farmer's Markets, not the dinky ones like in my community). I find this news very encouraging and it also backs up what I have been experiencing and hearing.

Although the researcher found that people are more willing to buy local food he wouldn't go as far as saying that people should only eat local food. I would say that most people would agree with that assessment, but I do know of some that believe we should go local as much as we can ... even if it means not having some foods available at certain times.

Since this is just going to be a quick post I'm not going to take the time to throw out all of my thoughts, but I do have a ton. In fact, I think this would be a good thing to bring up on the Epi-Log ... to see what other consumers think. If you have a chance to read the article I would love to hear your thoughts! So, read the article and leave a comment...

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Tobias Kroek said...


I would like to thank you first for such a wonderful blog. Since I have subscribed to your blog's feed about two weeks ago I have read every single post.

When I read this post yesterday I knew that I would have to leave a comment.

I grew up in Germany and remember the time when local produce and sustainable forms of agriculture started to become popular. I remember that it was not just my family who was willing to pay more for something we saw a "superior" product. It did not take long and almost everyone I knew would do the same.

Germany has banned the use of growth hormones in the 1980s.

I am confident that people will not only be willing to pay more for their organic produce but will also demand more different forms of it.

Best Regards,

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