Saturday, June 14, 2008

Oh, What a Wet Spring!

I just thought I would take a few pictures to illustrate why work has been progressing so slowly out at the farm. As always you can click on any picture to see a larger picture.

On Wednesday I had to go out to the farm to meet a guy from the power company (he didn't show, but the water guy did) and saw a road closed sign. Like any gawker would I went and checked it out. The picture on the right shows why the road was closed. Usually there is no water near this road, but this is a pretty unusual spring. You can also see a vineyard if you look closely in the upper right. There are six acres of grapes planted there and the owner plans on using the huge round barn he built there to host clients. I plan on making sure they have a good supply of fresh Iowa grass-fed beef and pastured pork!

After taking the picture above I told my wife that it was smooth sailing on the rest of the road to the farm. Well, at least it was on Wednesday... But, as you can see from the picture on the left we couldn't cross the bridge that is usually there. It is no big deal because there is another way to the farm that is of equal distance, but it does give a picture of the flooding. From the high point on our road would could look out over thousands of crop acres that are flooded. I guess that is why 80 plus counties in Iowa have been declared disaster areas.

Finally we made it to the farm. As you can see from this picture on the right it is going to be awhile until we can finish working up the new garden! I think I will just end up putting some pigs in there and letting them do some work and then come through with a tiller. Maybe we can get some fall crops in ... and possibly some corn. I guess one positive is that some of the old fence posts will be easier to pull out now.

One thing is for sure. I am very thankful that this is the extent of the flooding that we are having to deal with. So many of our friends and families are having to deal with so much loss. You can check out this link to our local radio station. There are some pictures and if you scroll down there are some videos from the Lake Red Rock Dam ... there is some major water moving there.

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Yeoman said...

Goodness, how frightening.

We're having a very cold and wet spring here. That's included some flooding, but nothing like this.

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