Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Follow the Crooked Gap

Along with the new name we are rolling out a few other things for the farm ... or at least rebranding them I guess. You can now become a fan of Crooked Gap Farm on Facebook (and I hope you do). But, if that wasn't enough for you then you can now follow me (and Crooked Gap Farm) on Twitter. If you don't know what Twitter is ... well ... it's basically a quick way to follow the daily happenings of someone. I'll be "tweeting" (I guess that is a verb now) about the various things going on at the farm and all that I'm doing for the farm. I hope you follow along on Twitter ... if you look to the right you may have noticed that I've been "tweeting" for a while now. I just wanted to give it a test drive before I made it official.

Now, I must admit that there was a time when I thought all of this social media stuff (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) was a bit too much. But, as I think about the possibilities I have to admit that I'm kind of excited about these new accounts. It really fits in quite well with the transparency and connections that I want this farm to be about. I really do want customers and others to know the daily ins and outs of the farm ... whether they are mundane or exciting. I want people to know how the weather is affecting things, what it takes to start a farm and continue everything else, and the tasks that go on each day.

I guess it was a natural progression really. First the blog ... then a Facebook page ... and finally a Twitter account that I can post to no matter where I am on the farm (via my cellphone). So, feel free to join us on Facebook and follow me on Twitter!!


Lanny said...

Like how you said the whole transparent thing. I added fb to the blog for the same reason, but for us not just farmin' but all of our life. Transparency is good. Just can't do twitter, no cell reception on our place, no fancy cell phones. Oh and the fact that I can't talk in short bursts!

Cheryl Petersen said...

Ah yes, the social media is a funny one. But whatever form of publicizing, it is helpful. I even still write for the old-fashion newspapers (i.e. The Capitol Press) because it is important to let people know where their food comes from. Good job!
Cheryl Petersen

David said...

Hi I came across your blog when doing a search on Jim Gerrish. Any way I read your post on thinking about getting Tamworth hogs and grazing them. I have a question do you have hogs or had hogs in you pasture rotation? I have been thinking of doing this with our two brood sows but do not know how they will get along with the other animals that I move every day to fresh grass. You can reply back on my blog at djamesflaugher@blogspot.com/

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