Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Work Continues

I don't have much time to write today, but for those of you are that are interested I thought I would share some of the things that we are wrapping up in the house this week. Finishing these projects is all part of our beginning farmer journey as we try to carve our farm out of this wide open piece of land (it feels especially wide open this week with the high winds we have had). Although I'm beginning to think that a sod house like some of the early Iowa settlers built the first year on their land might have been a bit less stressful (when it came to the finish work).

Anyways here is what we are finishing up (with the help of family of course):
  • Tile is going up around the bathtub ... this will be a huge improvement over the shower curtains we had surrounding the tub.
  • A ceiling and walls have gone up in the mudroom and there is even paint on the ceiling now!
  • The trim for the mudroom is mostly painted.
  • The outside lights are up and working.
  • And, the thing I'm most proud of is that there is now a three switch, an outside light switch, and two working outlets in the mudroom. The picture above shows the connection I had to make to get everything working. I'm not sure if it is now the pro's would do it, but it works and I got all those wires jammed in the box ... I'm happy!
The loan rate is now locked in (pretty good timing) and I would say that the projects should begin wrapping up soon. Of course there is still plenty to do outside around the house (front porch, insulation around the concrete slab, concrete at the mudroom door, and the storm shelter), but once the inside is close to finished I will feel a little weight fall off of the shoulders.

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Art Blomquist said...

In a former life I was an electrician. O.K. I guesss I still am-alltho when my wife Looks for the missing light over the sink she does wonder.

One thing I do is run a pine of Electrical tape around the switches (or out lists) connection screws, just to give some added protection.

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