Wednesday, March 11, 2009

And the Winner Is...

...Jilann... She selected "Making Your Small Farm Profitable" by Ron Macher. This is a book that I read a little over a year ago and enjoyed very much. Here is what I wrote about the book after finishing it (you can find all my chapter reports at this link),
"As I have mentioned in some of the "chapter reports" it is a little different than some of the books by Gene Logsdon, Wendell Berry, or Joel Salatin. While all three of those writers include many practical tips and advice in their books they also include many philosophical thoughts behind the reason to do things certain way. Mr. Macher doesn't get into some of those areas and sticks with the basics. Things like what livestock or crops to choose, what to consider when buying machinery, how to set goals, and so on."
Congratulations Jilann! Send me an e-mail through the link on the right and I will get your book sent out to you.

Let me also just take this opportunity to again thank everyone for following the blog and getting involved in the conversation. Your help and encouragement has been invaluable! Over the past couple of years I have gone from dreaming about the farm while sitting in an office to attempting to "do farming" and all the joys and struggles that go along with it. I wouldn't trade it for the world despite the set-backs and difficulties.

I set out to make this blog a little journal of my research, events, and questions... It has become so much more than that thanks to everyone he has taken the time to comment and teach. Again, thank you so much and stick around for the next 500 ... I'll probably be here!

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BlueGate said...

Congrats on 500...that is impressive. Just think of the developments that will be chronicled over the next 500 : )

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