Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rainy and Muddy Farm Update

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Now, for the farm update. As you can see from the image above I went with a stock rain picture. That is because I have been spending as little time outside as possible because it is just plain awful out there. I don't have any numbers to back this up, but I would guess since Friday we have gotten at least two inches and probably more like three inches of rain ... with more to come. That is a bad deal no matter where you are, but in our muddy construction zone it makes it almost unbearable out there. We are getting the kind of mud that steals your boots when you go for a walk!

The one nice thing about the rain is that the temperatures have stayed above freezing for a while now. This is great because it means I can use a hose again to water the cattle without having to drain it and because we have been going through way less wood. One fire a day is about all we need anymore if we keep above or close to the freezing mark for our low (although I see that is supposed to change).

But, there is big farm news! Except this news is happening inside the house. Thanks to the help of my father and mother-in-law we now have about 99% of the trim up inside (except for something that can't be done until we build a bit more). Windows are trimmed out, baseboard is down, and the upper closets have one-of-a-kind doors. This is all wonderful and makes the house feel like it is about finished.

Beyond that I finally got around to do a few electrical projects that I have been putting off. I put in a couple outlets that were missing and put up some lights that I had been being lazy about. All of this adds up to one great thing ... we are just that much closer to closing the loan! What a relief that will be.

From a philosophical standpoint though, the work that was done here the past few days has really encouraged me. The help we have had from family and friends is what has made our farm possible, and I believe it even gives a glimpse of what we sometimes call the "simpler" times. In fact, listening to the rain without the distraction of the television (we still don't have one) as I sit in a house that I know is only here because of other people humbles me and gives me great hope ... hope for my family and hope for the future of this farm.

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