Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sorry for the late post...

Okay, you know how I mentioned a special trip yesterday? Well, the pictures in this post give you an idea of what that was all about! Yep, we added seven new Dexters to the Stoneyfield herd today. Here is the run down :: two black five-year-old cows, one black twenty-month-old cow, and one dun eight-year-old cow ... along with those we have one black bull calf from Bailey (5 yrs), one black heifer calf from Kenosha (5 yrs), and one dun bull calf from Breagha.

I am pretty excited about adding these girls (and boys) to the herd because they are all pretty good quality. I will say that it was an adventure getting them ... first we got a late start because we had to look high and low and then low and high to find a part to refix the bearing problem on the trailer from the last trip. Then, when we got there to pick them up they weren't sorted from the herd yet. Let me just say the whole trip is a long story and it was a long day, maybe I'll write more about it later.

But, despite everything I'm excited about having five new girls on the farm. The four cows have all been exposed to the herd bull for around five months so we are hoping he caught them and we will have spring calves. If everything goes according to plans (see post from yesterday) we will have six calves on the ground this coming year and at least nine the following year. Plus these girls add some more diversity to the herd as far as bloodlines go. Two were breed in Colorado, one in Kentucky, and one in Missouri. Also, the two Colorado cows contain some Canadian breeding in their pedigree.

I am sorry for the shortness of this post and the lack of content, but it has been a very long day considering I made it home after 3:00 am and I'm running on four hours of sleep. The pictures aren't great, they were taken in a McDonald's parking lot, but they do prove that we went and got cows! Look for more pictures as soon as I make it to the farm.

P.S. You might notice from the first picture that the dun cow does in fact have a bell on a collar around her neck. Super Cool!!!


Steven said...

I'm really happy for you.
Maybe I'll just live out my dreams through this blog.... lol

Joyce said...

Hello, I just put a comment on your wife's blog. I want to saw I am very happy that you are wanting to farm and raise livestock. I know how hard it is to find the right piece of ground with or without a house. It took us 3 different moves until we found where we wanted to settle and raise 2 daughters. The two of them were a great help to their father in farming and doing outside chores. Good luck and have a wonderful life.

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