Friday, October 12, 2007

Quality Pasture :: Chapter 14 Book Report

The final chapter of "Quality Pasture" by Allan Nation is titled "The Next Big Thing." This chapter is just a culmination of the thoughts throughout the entire book and gives one last example of a farmer that is doing things different from the conventional farming structure. Mr. Nation does realize that there are risks in going out and doing something different than the masses, but there is also a great reward. Also, there is a great comparison list of indicators for traditional farm success and quality pasture success. Things like traditional equals big tractors and monocultures while quality pasture equals no tractor and diversity. Or traditional is about producing beef and production per cow while quality pasture is about harvesting grass and profit per acre.

All in all it is a good wrap up for the book and acts as an encouragement for people to get out there and become grass farmers instead of cattle farmers or other livestock farmers. Also, you need to remember that this book was printed in 1995, so twelve years later we are probably further down the road to wide scale grass farming which means there will be more information out there to help beginners and seasoned veterans get started. I have really enjoyed reading this book because of the very technical details that Mr. Nation provides about growing very high quality grass. I would have no problem recommending this book to anyone interested in become a grass based farmer (remember how much I loved the last chapter), but would be especially helpful for someone living in the south or wanting to run a grass and grass silage based dairy operation. While I'm sure that it doesn't go to the complete depths of information, it is a great overview of the ideas and source of specific pasture management plans.

Now, I don't know what I'm going to read! At the moment I am re-reading Joel Salatin's book, You Can Farm: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Start & Succeed in a Farming Enterprise. And highlighting some of the most interesting parts for my own encouragement, planning, and learning. But, I'm also finally sending in my subscription to the "Stockman Grass Farmer" magazine which is edited by Mr. Nation. I think that will give me a new source of information each month and I'm really looking forward to receiving my first issue.

Don't forget, you can pick up your own copy of "Quality Pasture : How to create it, manage it, and profit from it" by surfing over to the Stockman Grassfarmer Bookshelf.


Anonymous said...

EBook- I would recommend you read the book "Dirt Hog" by Kelly Klober. I am currently reading it. Educational and an eye-opener.
Also, a publication named GRAZE has been helpful to us as we develop our grass -based farm. I jokingly call my research the "Gleaner Combine " model of learning. I take it all in, sort & keep the kernals of wheat, then kick the remaining chaff out the back gate. Sincerely, UpNorth.

Ethan Book said...


Thanks for checking out my blog and the comment. I just ran across the book "Dirt Hog" and I told my wife that it was going on my Christmas list! Maybe I need to put a subscription of GRAZE on that also. I did just send in my payment for the Stockman Grass Farmer ... I guess I'm trying to bathe myself in information.

I do enjoy your posts over on Homesteading Today!

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