Monday, October 15, 2007

Family Farming...

There are family farms, and then there are family farms... There are 1,000 acre plus operations run by a group of siblings in the form of corporation, and then there are 200 acre or less farms that are run by grandparents, parents, and children. They are both "family farms", but they are not alike. One is run like a corporation, while the other is run like a family. One may not include children because everything is done on such a large and grand scale, while the other may not survive without the children. One may be full of dangers around every corner from big machinery, grain bins, and more ... while the other just might be family friendly.

I realize that I may have just over-generalized things there, but I also know many people my age that grew up on the large "family farms" who never did anything farm related and couldn't wait to get off the farm so they could live in town and be closer to the things they enjoyed. And, in some senses their "farm" life was no different than a life of kid in the city. One of the many appealing things of farming to me is the family aspect. Again, I may be romanticizing things a little, but I envision our family working, playing, and growing together on a small sustainable farm. A safe place to raise our children where they will be surrounded by healthy hard work, the beauty of God's creation, and the family that loves them. I found an article by Joel Salatin from the June 2000 issue of "Acres USA" that speaks specifically to family farming. The article is entitled, "Creating a Farm Life Your Children Will Treasure :: Family Friendly Farming". You can read the entire article by clicking on the title.

It is a great article full of what I believe are very insightful thoughts. Here is one quote that really resonated with me and my desire to farm with my family:

"People kept telling me when Daniel was little, 'Oh, he's great now, but you wait, he'll be a pistol, you won't be able to control him, and all kids go through rebellion.' But they were all wrong; it doesn't get any better than this. And it's not because I'm a great dad, it's because we have time. People who say it doesn't matter how much time you spend with your children, it is just the quality -- it isn't true. All we have is time. If we can invest it in these kids and allow them to have projects that provide opportunities to praise them, they will develop team spirit and involvement in the enterprise."

I can't tell you how many times my wife and I have heard this same type of quote from people all around us ... at the store, among family, and at church ... instead of arguing we just shrug it off now, but hearing first hand experiences like that of Mr. Salatin just increase my desire to move to a farming life.

If you are thinking of farming or are farming right now with your family I encourage you to check the article out. Also, if the book is anything like the article I suggest looking at Joel Salatin's book, "Family Friendly Farming :: A Multi-Generational Home-Based Business Testament".

**Just so you know, the picture was taken by Pete Wettach. You can check out an amazing book of his photo's by clicking here ==> "A Bountiful Harvest"**

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Walter Jeffries said...

I've had negative people say the same sort of thing about kids. "Just wait until they are 'X' years old..." Well, those people have always been wrong, at least about our kids. They're a joy. We live, work and play together - it's grand.

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