Friday, October 19, 2007

New Blog Colors...

Okay, I have had a few people mention to me that the blog was difficult to read with the black background and white font. I decided I would switch to this one for a little while and see what people think. So... let me know if this is better, worse, or indifferent. I can try some other options if I need to.

Thanks again for everyone that checks out my blog. I update every day Monday - Saturday and just take Sunday off so there should always be some fresh content. I will continue to provide links or reviews to what I'm reading because that is how I'm building a lot of my plans and ideas when I'm not able to be "doing". Also, from time to time you will get updates from work on the farm.


zed said...


I'd much rather be an agrarian out standing in his field (sorry for the bad pun) but for the time being spend way too many hours in front of this computer “making a living”. We, my multi-generational family, will be there some day, God willing. Until then we look forward to your posts. We are with you on the journey, if only in cyberspace. Find peace in knowing that He is with you always no matter where your journey takes you..


jmbollman said...


Happened upon your blog this week. I am where you were about a year ago. I am young with a wife and two kids, I want to start my own farm and am learning everywhere I can. Thanks for the blog. I apperciate what you are doing. I think the new color is great and really lends itself to the content of this blog. Keep up the good work. It is amazing to read your blog from the beginning and see how far the Lord has brought you. It is like a story unfolding. I look forward to the coming chapters.

Peace, Jeremy

Ethan Book said...


Thanks for bumping into my blog and reading. I will admit that I feel like I haven't made much progress, but on the other hand I am trying to do what I can where I can. From the beginning my saying has been, "reading is good, doing is better." Well, this year we are doing chickens, a more intense garden, and we added some cattle down on my dad's farm in order to try and get a jump start ... but I am reading A LOT!


Thanks for continuing to check out the blog, pass it on to any family or friends that you think would benefit. I enjoy reading the comments from people such as yourself because they are such an encouragment that there are others out there with similar dreams ... and it can work!

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