Wednesday, February 09, 2011

"Accidental Farmers" :: A New Book

Way back in December of 2007 I had the opportunity to interview Tim Young of Nature's Harmony Farm (you can read the four part interview HERE ... HERE ... HERE ... HERE). I'm not positive, but I'm fairly sure that at the time of the Q & A interview the farm was in it's very beginning stages and they were just beginning to get their feet wet. One thing that I noticed as I read through the interviews again is that they have remained true to their values as their farm has grown and as they have grown as farmers. I'm sure you'll noticed that they have learned along the way, but it's also obvious that they have worked things through in their minds and they have a focused vision.

What is exciting now is that Mr. Young now has a book available titled "Accidental Farmers" that is hot off the presses. You can order your paperback copy here, if you have a Kindle it will be available soon from Amazon (ordering through Amazon also helps support Crooked Gap Farm), and I believe it will be on the iTunes store soon as well. If you would like to check out a sample chapter head to the "Accidental Farmers" website or check out this link.

Last night I took some time to read through the preview chapter titled, "Pig Tales". I think my best one sentence summation would be :: Mr. Young gives you a great inside look at the happenings and thoughts of a couple beginning farmers ... and he holds nothing back! Really it was great to see his honesty and transparency in his writing because it gave a great glimpse of exactly what it was like starting from the very beginning (and pigs were the first animals to come to their farm). In this chapter, and probably throughout the rest of the book, Mr. Young shares experiences from the farm ... insight into their values and methods ... and honest descriptions of beginning farmer experiences (really honest!).

If you know anything about Nature's Harmony Farm I suggest you check this book out. If you don't know anything about Nature's Harmony Farm I suggest you check this book out! No matter what your farming methods are you I think you will be able to take something away from each chapter, and if nothing else you have to respect the work and passion that they have put into their farm and the animals they raise.

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