Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Q & A Interview With Gary Duncan of Powerflex :: Part One

Finally it is going to happen. Finally we are going to begin putting up our perimeter fence! I can't tell you how amazing it is going to be to actually have a fence around our farm so that we can really get down to business with our managed grazing. We have been doing the best that we can right now, but without that nice exterior fencing it has been more difficult and more time consuming. Not only will it be great for our cattle, but it will also open up so many more options with our pigs. This is a very good thing!

If you have been around the blog for awhile you may already know that we have decided to go with six wires of hi-tensile fence and Powerflex line posts. Quite awhile ago I posted some of the fencing ideas that we were considering and someone (sorry I don't remember who) mentioned in the comments that we should consider hi-tensile. It was something I had never heard of, but I checked it out right away and eventually decided it was the best fit for us.

While I was researching hi-tensile fencing I came across the Powerflex website and started to read about their posts. It seemed like the perfect fit and since then I have been in contact with the folks at Powerflex talking about all of our fencing needs and options. Next week Gary Duncan of Powerflex will be delivering our materials and giving us a hand, but before we begin the work I thought it would be nice to do a little Q & A interview with him about their posts and hi-tensile fencing in general.

I encourage you to check out the Powerflex website today and then check back the next few days for the interview. Like I said ... I am very excited about this!


John said...

What spacing and what lines will be energized?


Farmer Cat said...

I love our hi tensile paddock for our Dexter cows and Jersey/Holstein steers. That being said, I wish I had perimeter fencing too. I'll be keeping up to see how your project goes!

Steven said...

I think it was my bro-in-law, Chris, that mentioned high tensile. I remember because we were on our way back home with our first red wattle hogs when he read your fence post outloud and we thought you should at least consider smooth wire.

That's really exciting that the guy from Powerflex is coming!
They were really helpful when we ordered our last reels from them.

Chris said...

Yes, it was me. I take all the credit for Erhan's high-tensile fence. :)

GARY said...

In answer to Johns question about spacing and which lines will be energized: We originally talked about a 6 wire fence. My initial intent was to electrify 3 of them. However, I will be bringing up some extra wire and we may go with a 7 wire fence. I'd like to see the site and visit more about the livestock types that Ethan will have on the property. If we are talking baby pigs and lambs then the 7th wire would be beneficial.
We are using 66" posts, so with the tops of them being at 48" or 50" we will have 16 to 18" of post in the ground. The spacing will depend on where Ethan wants his top wire. Probably about 46" would be my guess. The lower wires will likly be spaced at about 6" and gradually going to 8" then 10" at the top.
We'll talk this over with Ethan on Wednesday morning when we start laying it out.

Anonymous said...

I m interested to see how it's working in your farming. Then I'll be able to put it into my farming.


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