Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Week In Links and Bullet Points...

Okay, so to say this week (or last three) has been full is an understatement in the least. With that in mind (and the list of thing that I need to do in mind) here is a bullet point list of the week so far:
  • One flat tire on the truck while trying to go to Des Moines to get building supplies. I should also point out that we have no spare because it was stolen... We will get one soon!
  • One flat tire on the tractor (my Epi-Log post will be after noon today) which eventually led to me deciding to get new tires ... that eventually led to a tire tube exploding on the rusted out hole in the rim ... which in turn led to the tire guy taking it back to the shop ... and finally he just decided to take both rims ... I haven't heard back from them yet.
  • One power-steering belt (that is my educated guess at least) broken and gone from the tractor. So, even if we had tires we are out of commission for the moment.
  • One fuel system (tank on down) on the tractor that should be checked out after the other things are fixed.
  • Multiple trips to Des Moines for things we need to have.
  • I finally had time spent in the field raking hay ... until the tractor problems.
  • A sleep deprived and at times stressed out family, but we are still excited...
  • My blog shows up over a urinal (I think that is cool/funny).
  • Youth groups Sunday and Wednesday evenings.
  • And a big crazy "you're kidding me" with the whole moving out of the house thing. We'll see how I feel about this in a couple of weeks.
So, that is it in a nutshell (minus the things I have forgotten or have forgotten on purpose)... Thanks for hanging in with us!


ablom said...

Over a urinal? Well that's great, a "captive" audience!

Broken machinery can certainly be a bit of a stress on farm life. And have you noticed that it rarely happens at a convenient time.

A friend of mine said the Big Guy never gives us more than we can handle..but he can cut it awfully close sometimes..

Mellifera said...

(Ok, this is just a copy of my post over at the other blog, but we'll put it here too.)

That's wicked! The bathroom at the Machine Shed is practically the midwestern A-list.

In all seriousness, when we took that field trip up to Iowa in June (a bunch of University of Florida ag students) the Machine Shed was one of our high-priority destinations. So who knows what kind of exposure you're gettin' there. (Um... pun really wasn't intended.)

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