Saturday, September 20, 2008

In One Word...

No picture today ... no farming research ... no conventional farming debates ... no story about our experience ... none of the stuff that this blog regularly features. Today I just want to say one word:


Yesterday morning I ran around town (and a neighboring town) to get all of the primer we needed and in the afternoon (until late evening) we started spraying primer throughout the entire house. When I left the farm the priming was done and the fans were blowing.

Once I made it home I ate a quick meal, changed into somewhat clean clothes (I was still dirty) and ran out to find ceiling paint and hopefully wall paint. We finally made it home around 11:00 PM with the ceiling paint, but the wall paint had to wait.

Whew ... things are crazy on this final push, but we are enjoying it. If you are wondering what happened to the normal posts that I usually put up ... they will be back when I have more than 2 minutes to type. For now, I'll try and keep you updated on our continuing farm progress :)

1 comment:

ablom said...

Was it a surprise, how much primer bare drywall can take? Good luck on the project. Keep breathing. ( and if your spraying, through a mask).

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