Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Beginning Farmer Builds: An Update

Here is a neat picture that my wife took out at the farm today. If you frequent her blog you will notice it showed up there as well, but since I was a little to busy to be snapping pictures today we are going to have a duplicate. Anyways, I think this is a pretty cool picture because of the things going on in the picture ... and just out of the picture. Here is what was going on:
  • You can see Bobby supervising off on the left ... He and his wife stopped by just to check it out and see what was going on.
  • Cal is handing a piece of sheet rock up to Doug (he started this whole deal with the help) and Steve on the scaffolding.
  • There are various wires running up and down the walls thanks to Bob (and my wife).
  • You can see that we have some food on the platforms in the foreground so that everybody has enough energy.
  • The walls and the insulation are up thanks to my father-in-law along with a few others (Ken, Dave, etc.).
  • And, I'm over on the right trying to figure out what needs to be wired up for our doorbell (I skipped the fire alarms and am going to seek advice on those).
Now, what you don't see in the picture is this...
  • Tim helping with various prep work, including moving 100 pieces of sheetrock out of the way
  • Paul and Al are over working on putting up sheet rock on the walls.
  • Charlie and Dave are getting another piece ready to be put up.
  • And, the rain is coming down outside making the roads a muddy mess for guys that baby their vehicles! They really are sacrificing a ton to help us out.
It took us a little while to get going this morning (getting things set up, fixing an electrical problem, and remembering all of the steps), but once we got going I'm very excited about the progress we made in such a short time. It will be neat to see what we get done tomorrow!


ablom said...

A milestone. You ever notice that the happiest moments of your life invariably involve people.

Wayne said...

Too cool. The Church as it was intended to function.

Anonymous said...

Ethan- Forgot to put in a smoke alarm ... you can probably still meet code w/ one of the new "wireless" systems by Kidde... really nice... stick 'em up where you need them and they meet the two requirements: "interconnected" (because when one sounds, they all sound via wireless signal) and they have battery back-up (actually... they are just battery). Don't take my word for it... call your code guy... but this might get you out of a jamb.

Ethan Book said...

You guys are right about people helping out and this being the way the church is supposed to be!

Also, luckily we didn't forget the fire alarms. I just ran the wires for them today and they are going to have dedicated place on the breaker box. We are going to have an interconnected one up in the attic also to help incase of a chimney fire. Thanks for the reminder though!

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