Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Saturday Farm Update

Just a quick farm update this morning. Earlier this week we started pulling out some of the old hedge posts still in the fence row. This is pretty easy work with the loader and a chain, but it does take a little while as we move from post to post and hook up the chain. We are checking over the posts and saving back the ones that we think we can reuse. As for the old fence (three barb wired strands and some woven wire), that is just being pulled out and rolled up for scrap. Some of the better woven wire may end up being used on some grapes or berries or something, but for the most part it is pretty used up.

Today was supposed to be a big day of work, but 1/2 an inch of rain decided to elude the wisdom of our local TV weather forecasters so we are going to see if it dries up a little bit my lunch time. I doubt we will be able to plow up the garden like I had hoped to do, but most likely we will still be able to do some work tearing out fence and preparing for the new fence line. There are some trees to cut down and brush to clear before we can put up the new fence.

So, the weather has set us back a little, but we will have to just wait it out. Hopefully I'll have some more updates next week with less rain! I know my wife is really excited to get the garden in!


Tim said...

I'm sorry we got rained out on Saturday morning. Let me know another time when we can make things happen out at the farm!

Jean Ann said...

You know, we had a heat wave of 90+ weather (which is unheard of this time of year in Portland)then it started raining and hasn't stopped...good grief!

Ethan Book said...

Tim - We will make use of you soon enough ;) There is plenty of work to do this summer!!!

Jean Ann - We had the upper 80's and humid on Sunday for graduation, but then today I think it supposed to only be around 60 and damp ... I'll take the cool weather today.

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