Saturday, May 10, 2008

It Has Been a Busy Spring...

Mother's Day is tomorrow. Yesterday I wrote about an article that I came across detailing how much a mom's work is worth. Well, today I just want to give a "big thumb's up" and a "way to go". This morning she went up to the bank to turn in all of the bids, plans, contracts, and details pertaining to our building. It was a pretty cool thing to me, but it was like the weight of the world lifted off of her shoulders. She had been doing all of the leg work, pencil pushing, phone calling, and research to put together our materials lists and bids. Now it is in the hands of our local lender.

As I have mentioned before this is a busy time of year for me. Of course I have all of my church work that still needs to be done, soccer season is still going strong with three weeks left, and I've been still trying to get some work done on the farm and with our cattle. With all of that going on there is no way that I could have gotten everything together for our loan. So, my wife picked up everything and took off.

She has done a ton of work, made a lot of phone calls, learned about stuff she probably didn't really care about, made more phone calls, researched different options, and then called more contractors to remind them about the bid they were supposed to be sending us. I have tried to help out as much as I could, but she knew all of the details so I usually just did what she asked.

Above is a picture of the plans from the packet that she turned in today. If you want to read all of the fun details make sure you go and check out "The Beginning Farmers Wife."

Happy Mother's Day to my lovely wife and to all the mothers out there!!


Mellifera said...

So here's my little Mother's Day story....

Our church choir did a little medley of songs about mothers from the children's songbook. We had a little practice right before church, and it, uh, you know, was a little iffy as usual. : ) So the director says "Well no worries, guys, you're fine! These songs are burned into your head from way back in the day!" Since we all learned them in Sunday School growing up, so if all else failed we could just mouth along.

Except I realized, I had never heard any of these songs before. The reason: My mom was children's chorister pretty much the whole time I was growing up... and she HATED all those songs. So I never learned 'em. : ) Thus, my mom was with us in a very special way today as I tried to read both the notes and lyrics at once.

[Just for the record... one of those songs, which others of you may know, references "fields of blue clover." I'm pretty sure there's no such thing as blue-flowered clover.... purple vetch, sure, but am I right on this one or is there indeed such a thing?]

Dave_Flora said...

Congratulations to you two for such a big step! My wife and I should be starting similar steps in about a year.
I took a look at the photo...and didn't see a kitchen...?


Ethan Book said...

Great story Mellifera!

Dave - Yeah, the kitchen isn't labeled, but it is on the right side of the big open room in the front of the house. I think we are going to like having that open plan ... especially when we are heating with wood!

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