Sunday, February 14, 2010

O Winter ...

It seems as if we should be on the downhill side of winter. But, after all the snow, cold, ice, rain, snow, cold, and yuck we have had this year (our local school has canceled classes 9 times) I'm just not sure. Just this past day or so we have added a few inches of light fluffy snow. At this point though I don't think it really matters. All it does is add to the pile ...

The winter has been difficult. I thought last winter was difficult and that the second one would be much better ... I was wrong. The winter has been difficult ... that is all I really feel like saying. But, what am I supposed to do about it? How is anything I do going to change the weather? So, I guess I just grin and bear it ... or at least bear it (not so sure about the grin).

Here are some of my thoughts on winter:
  • Big snowflakes, even after 50 plus inches of snow for the season, are still beautiful on a Sunday morning. I may not like the fact that they are adding to the snow total, but I can't deny their beauty.
  • Seeing your breath on a cool and crisp snow covered morning is invigorating ... even if it feels like the cool crisp mornings will never change over to warm summer mornings.
  • A warm fire in the house keeping everything nice and comfortable is a good feeling ... almost a feeling of independence.
  • I like cutting firewood ... in the snow ... in the silence ... alone.
  • I cannot control the winter (or much else for that matter) ... and everything is probably much more beautiful because I can't control it.
  • Frost covered trees and fence and all ... that is pretty incredible.
  • Winter will end and then spring ... followed by summer ... followed by fall ... repeat all. That I can be sure of and then I can do the best in each of those.
It has been a difficult winter. More difficult than I would have imagined or expected, but that does not mean that is the end ... as long as I can keep my head up and keep sliding these feet through the snow.


Art Blomquist said...

I hear you. I can't imagine living in a place that doesn't include four seasons. Like everything else, you get out of winter what you put into it. You know you've had a great winter when your grateful for it..

Marie Snider said...

We've had a tough winter here in Rhode Island,too, Ethan. But, cheer up! As my husband likes to remind me, "The sun is on OUR side now!"

TCavanaugh said...

I understand how you feel about this winter and how hard it has been. The upside's almost over! :)

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