Saturday, August 02, 2008

New Farm Blog

Well, this isn't actually a totally new blog and some of you have probably already checked it out ... but, I did want to make a special post about Steven LeGrand's (and families) new blog and farm website for Franciscan Family Farms. They have been putting up a few posts now for awhile, but I am a little behind on the times.

Steven is actually the one of the only regular commenters on the blog that I have actually had a chance to meet. I delivered a few Dexters to his place when I was on the way done to pick up our bull, Hershey, and was able to spend just a few minutes at his place late one night. It was fun to be able to meet someone in person that I had corresponded with on the blog and I hope I have a chance to meet others sometime.

So, go check out the (fairly) new Franciscan Family Farms website and if you are in his area I encourage you to check out his farm.


Steven said...

Thanks for the mention Ethan.
We don't have near the content of alot of the other farm sites, but we're going to just keep plugging away, trying to make sure that we get a post up every 2 or 3 days.

Ethan Book said...

Glad to mention your new site ... it is looking pretty cool and I love to read about what is happening because I have been there!

Yeoman said...

Thanks for posting that, I'll book mark Steven's blog as well.

I'm really glad you folks have these blogs. They're very valuable for those of us who participate in them.

Steven said...

We had a local farming friend come out for a pasture walk on Sunday and while telling him about our new blog he was quick to remind us that moving the cows everyday, feeding the pigs, and working on the hen's production was the most important thing on the farm.

I do agree with what he said, but at the same time, last year when I knew so very little about this type of farming I was starving for something to read from like minded "wanna be farmers". I was always hoping to find someone else that was documenting what they were doing so that I could get ideas and encouragement so I do think it's important to keep a website updated so that you can keep a record of the process, as Ethan is doing, and also help out others. Not to mention, starting some marketing early doesn't hurt.

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