Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Beginning Farmer Builds a House...

Sorry if you are dial-up (I'll be there soon), but since it is a Saturday and I have a lot of work to do here is a quick recap of our house building progress in picture format. They say a picture can say a 1,000 words, but if that isn't enough and you have a question fire away :)

On Sunday this is roughly what our building looked like on the inside, minus the extra materials ... it was completely bare and the inside layout was just something on paper.

Then we spent a lot of money at Menard's and carried A LOT of heavy stuff inside. Thankfully we had four people to carry stuff in. It was also a big plus that most of the sheet rock came in with a fork lift.
We spent most of the week doing work similar to this kind of thing. Planning walls, building walls, and placing walls. We are sort of doing the design as we go thing even though we had the basic idea very well planned out.
By Friday afternoon all the framing was done (unless someone wants to move 100 sheets of sheet rock, then we will put up the last wall) so we started to rough in the wiring. We have most of it run through the ceiling and now we are starting to put it to all of the boxes.
The end result of the week? I have 708 unread e-mail messages in my inbox! We have been getting up early and working late with little time for breaks. I was going strong all week long, except for the day when I was down with a high temp ... and the day that I worked with a 101ยบ temp. Today I need to write a sermon ... and check my e-mail :)

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