Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mud, Mud, Mud!

Sometimes things just don't go as you plan... That is the case this year as we are building our house and starting our farm. As winter turned to spring there was a lot of mud on the roads because we had so much snow. Then of course we had the serious flooding in Iowa which led to roads being covered on the way to the farm and mud everywhere. Now we are in late July almost to August, a time when Iowa usually dries out and the corn and beans grow. But, not this year! Our farm is one boggy and muddy mess and it doesn't look like it will be getting better any time soon if the weather people are to be believed (check out the forecast above, it doesn't look to bad until you realize the are predicting 2-3 inches on Sunday).

So, all of this bad weather has made our farming/building life difficult. It is impossible to make fence now for the perimeter or the pigs, the builders can't work because there is so much mud, mowing is something that isn't even an option, I can't get the stock trailer out to pick up panels, and now one of our vehicles is stuck out at the farm. I mean seriously ... what happened to the drought they were predicting (not that I want one).

That is life on the farm though, things don't always go as you planned them and there will always be setbacks. I just hope we get a break sometime soon so the building can be finished, the electricity can be put in, and then we can finally have a gravel drive ... maybe I will have our vehicle unstuck by the!

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Anonymous said...

Hello: your blog is parallel to our life. we bought an old dairy farm a few years ago. trying to build a house, manage the land, and be employed all the time. we love the farm. the dream would be to be able to support ourselves from our farm. we have agreed to purchase some red wattles from Marian so that is how i found your blog. we will also breed german rottweilers next year. would like to have a summer concert series and maybe weddings etc. anyway, enjoyed seeing that somebody else is as smart as we are and enjoying life.

cheers, Chris

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