Monday, September 10, 2007

Quality Pasture :: Chapter 6 Book Report

Just a quick little report on the last chapter of "Quality Pasture" that I read. This chapter was entitled Pasture Irrigation. While I do not doubt the effectiveness of irrigating your pastures ... I do not believe it will ever be a thing that I do. Of course it is needed much more in dry locations, but it is also probably more effective for grass based dairies. The chapter also contained a short section on managing ryegrass which was interesting. Ryegrass is something that I would like to research a little more in the future if I ever think about seeding or over-seeding some pastures.

All in all, I think this chapter gives a much more input intensive approach to grazing. I would like to keep my inputs low (much like Joel Salatin discusses) so that my profits will stay higher than conventionally raised beef.

Next up: Management Intensive Grazing

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