Monday, September 17, 2007

The Long Road...

Today I'm not talking about the long road to becoming a farmer (although it seems endless), rather I'm talking about the long road to the farm! As I mentioned before, our cows are located over an hour away at my dad's farm in Southern Iowa. It is a great place for them to be because there is plenty of pasture, and he needs something to eat down his grass in places. But it sure is a long ways away when we have to go down and do something (put up fence, build shelters, take down wormer or minerals, and to bale hay). Having a full-time job that already takes a lot of time away from the family and then adding in work days down on the farm on the few days off that I take makes it pretty tough.

I have joked quite a few times about wanting to put our cows in the backyard (we have a big yard), but everyone reminds me that it is against the law. I wasn't ever serious, but I think people wonder if I really am since we already have the chickens in town! Ideally I would love to find a place where we could do more farming near where we work and live now, but that just isn't happening yet so we have to make do with the opportunities that we have.

You will always have time for whatever you want to have time for, and right now we want to make small amounts of time for working on the farm away from home ... I just hope it doesn't last forever!

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