Friday, September 14, 2007

Iowa Family Farm Featured in Stockman Grass Farmer

I'm going to be signing up for a subscription to The Stockman Grass Farmer magazine soon, so I was searching some the articles featured on their website and I came across this article titled, "Iowa farm family converting from crops to pasture based enterprises" by editor Allan Nation. It is a pretty good read about a family farm that converted from conventional Iowa farming to pastured sows, grass finished beef, and lambs.

The interesting thing is that it was a plan of conversion that they were slowly working on until their area suffered from a drought and another grass finisher was looking to unload some steers because of his suffering pastures. It didn't take them long to realize they could put those steers out on the green corn that the family had (which was certified organic). Long story short ... they are now doing something different than their neighbors and they are succeeding!

Click on the link above to read this great article and leave a comment if you would like.

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