Monday, March 23, 2015

TBF 107 :: Educating Customers & Farmers, Crazy Times, and a Hard Lesson Learned

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customereducation.jpgWhen I dropped our first batch of hogs off at the locker for processing I was completely lost. I didn't know where to drop them off, I wasn't 100% sure I could even get them off the trailer by myself (and I could tell they were too busy to help), and I was even clueless when it came to my cut selections (even to the point where I didn't understand where all the cuts came from on the hog). To put it simply I had no idea what I was doing, which has actually been a pretty normal part of this farming adventure! Processing at a local locker is just one of the many differences between the pork we sell and what our consumers may be used to purchasing at their local grocery store. There are differences in our animal care, differences in our feeding, differences in the space they have, differences in the breeds, differences in the cuts you can purchase, and of course differences in how they purchase our meat! All of that shows just how important consumer education is, and why small-scale farmers need to continually work to educate and encourage a growing customer base.

6 Points of Emphasis for Customer Education & Encouragement

  1. Know Your Cuts of Meat (or whatever your product is)
  2. Share Your Raising Practices & Livestock Husbandry
  3. What to Expect With Frozen Meats
  4. It's Not Packaged Like at Big Box Stores
  5. The Processor Makes the Final Product
  6. What Sets Your Product Apart (your elevator pitch)

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