Wednesday, December 18, 2013

TBF 042 :: 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Farmer, Hoop Building Updates, and a Hard Lesson Learned

With Christmas only one week away I thought it would be fun to share some gift ideas for the beginning farmers in your life (or the future farmers ... or lovers of farms!). The items on this list are mostly in the $30 or less range with only a couple of exceptions. All of the items are available on (the links are affiliate links and help support "The Beginning Farmer Show"), but many of them can also be found at your local farm store or hardware store. The other thing you may notice about the list is that it is mostly focused on a gift list for a farmer in the colder winter climates. Mittens are a great thing for a farmer in Iowa, but not so much for a farmer in Georgia ... so ... if you live in the warmer climates I would love to see your suggestions for those last minute Christmas gifts.

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Beginning Farmer (or Future Farmer or Lover of Farms)

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