Wednesday, December 04, 2013

TBF 040 :: 8 Great Online Resources for Farmers, Hoop Building Progress, and a Hard Lesson Learned

I talk a lot on the show about the importance of getting out there and learning from other farmers because there is so much knowledge to be gained from those real life experiences. But, there are times when your life just dictates that you can't get out there and do some on farm training. That was my case when I began this farming journey and I scoured the internet looking for resources that would help me along the way. The great thing about a lot of the links and resources I found was that it came from famers who were doing great on-farm research through comparing systems, feeds, structures, and so much more. I found links to videos, research bulletins, articles, spreadsheets, and so much more that gave me some of the information that was useful to a beginning/dreaming farmer. On today's episode I share "8 Great Online Resources for Farmers (Beginning or Experienced)"

Links Mentioned in This Episode ...
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Kelly Breitenwischer said...

I have just discovered your podcasts & and listen to several a day. Listened to this one at work today & heard you mention a video that you watched. I can't remember the name of it. It was a model for making $60K a year raising pigs. Would love to take a look at it & see what he has to say. Can you recall the name of the person who recorded it? Thanks, Kelly B

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