Thursday, August 23, 2012

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If you happen to follow Crooked Gap Farm on Facebook you may have already heard about my stupid leg, but if you don't ... let me just say that I tore my achilles tendon making an explosive play on the softball field (and recording an out) over a month ago. Since the fateful game I've worn a splint for a couple of weeks preparing for surgery ... had surgery ... and now have been in a cast for two weeks with four more weeks to go. After that hopefully a walking cast (that is what the doc said) for maybe six weeks followed by physical therapy.

All of that introduction was to say this ... I have to spend more time sitting down than working on the farm and have recently been scouring iTunes and Amazon for things to listen to and read. So, I'm hopeful that there are still people reading this blog after nearly a year of missing posts because I could use any reading or listening suggestions you have. I'll do my part as well and share a few that I've enjoyed lately.

Books ...

  • The Sheer Ecstasy of Being a Lunatic Farmer by Joel Salatin :: I've actually read this one in the past and have re-read it as well. You all may have heard of the author (sarcasm intended), but really it is a good read. As a side note I haven't read it yet, but have listened to a few podcast episodes feature Mr. Salatin discussing his new book Folks This Ain't Normal.
  • Storey's Guide To Raising Rabbits by Bob Bennett :: Honestly this is my son's book, but since he started in the rabbit business this year I figured I should do some reading as well. Even though we are raising our rabbits outside on pasture this book covered a lot of basic information and at least gave me an idea of what I was getting into.

Podcasts ...

  • Farmcast :: This one is hosted by Tim and Liz of Nature's Harmony Farm. During each podcast they discuss different items that have recently come up on the website and share some of their experience. I enjoyed their previous farm podcast and this one is a good listen as well.
  • Chicken Thistle Farm CoopCast :: I stumbled on this podcast a couple weeks ago looking for something to listen to while keeping my foot up so it doesn't swell to twice it's size! It covers the happenings on Chicken Thistle Farm located in New York. The raise some livestock and have a CSA garden among other jobs and farm ventures. A good listen and a nice perspective.
  • Joel Salatin on Inner Compass :: Search is a wonderful thing on iTunes, and it was a search that led me to this interview with Mr. Salatin. This is actually a video podcast of a local PBS show I believe. Although it took a while to download in town it was fun to watch.

There you have a few suggestions from me ... I would love to hear other suggestions!


Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about the leg, I have just found your blog this week and have read about all of it already, I love reading this and your wifes blog both. hurry and heal, so much to do and winter will be upon you soon.

Rich said...

What kind of books are you interested in reading?

I keep meaning to order Holistic Management: A New Framework for Decision Making but I never seem to get around to it (maybe I'll actually order now that I'm thinking about it)

I can't vouch for all of the content, but I've read excerpts of the book and watched a few videos on YouTube by Savory that make me interested in actually reading the book.

I'd also suggest reading Fertility Farming if you haven't already, which is available online at:

Everything in the book doesn't necessarily easily apply to my farm, but I still like reading about other methods of farming.

Another book I like that is also available online is One Straw Revolution at:

It's another book that doesn't always apply to my farm or garden, but it's interesting.

Mary-francis Hildebrand said...

Currently reading "Fol;ds, this ain't normal" and loving it! Also enjoyed "Everything I want to do is Illegal".
No podcasts, but some fun online videos on butchering at
Great audio books for free download are available, my favorite is

Ches Stewart said...

Rich, Holistic Management is a great read. Highly recommended. Also, I would recommend Joel Salatins You Can Farm. Also, For the Love of tha Land by Savory is good. Grass fed cattle by Julius Ruechel is something I have recently started that is pretty good so far. Good luck with the leg, stay out of trouble.

Ethan Book said...

I have been thinking for awhile that I needed to read the Holistic Management book and you guys may have just given me the nudge I needed!

Ches ... Quite awhile back I read Grass Fed Cattle and wrote down a few thoughts ... here is a link to some of those blog posts.

Anonymous said...

Listen to Salatin on Monk Radio .Quite a lengthy and interesting interview

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