Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ice Farm

Sometimes the weather just doesn't exactly cooperate with us. And, it seems that this winter is one of those times. I don't think I should be complaining because summer wasn't too awful on us, especially with the cool temperatures and all the fence building and shed building we had to do. So, I just think I won't complain ... as much as is possible!

All in all the farm survived this little storm fairly well. We still have electricity, the water hydrant wasn't frozen solid, all the animals are still able to get their feed (although the pigs may be wanting some ice creepers), and I was even able to get into the vehicles with just a little bit of work. On the down side though I was supposed to take a pig to the locker today (we were trying out a new locker), but with all the ice on the truck and on the roads I wasn't able to make it. I guess this pig will get to live with us a little longer!

One of the nice things about an ice storm (if it doesn't cause too many problems) is the beautiful images that it leaves behind. The picture on the left here is of our perimeter fence. I'm not completely sure that it would be very shocking to the touch right now. The trees are also very beautiful, but I can never get a picture that does justice to the beauty of the ice covering the branches. I think the natural beauty of the land is one of the biggest benefits of life in the country ... it truly is a blessing to behold.


Smeltzerville said...

How many acres do you farm? When did you start

Paul & Heather Dorrance said...

I'm with you, even the most terrifying and damaging aspects of Nature are (in their own way) beautiful. What an awesome opportunity rural folks have to witness and experience God's creative character! Glad to hear that you, and the farm, are weathering the storm ok. Stay warm!!

Anonymous said... please take a few minutes to visit my blog.

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