Monday, October 05, 2009

Farm Crawl 2009

Yesterday was the third year that I have been able to take a tour on the Farm Crawl (I can't remember exactly how many years this event has been going on). It is really great to get out and see so many farms close by that are working in so many diverse farming pursuits. But, it was especially great to see how many people there were out there crawling from farm to farm and supporting local agriculture. I don't know how many people there were, but there was a crowd at each farm we stopped at.

This year we stopped at Blue Gate Farm, Schneider's Orchard, Coyote Run Farm, and Reichert's Dairy Air. It was nice to get out and see these farms and the farmers (especially since I have had a chance to chat with them from time to time as we have started the farm). Each farm has a little different niche, although they do overlap in some areas. But, what is really neat is to see the farms operating in their own unique way ... and outside of the "conventional box".

We took quite a few mental notes this year and hope to have a chance to be on the Farm Crawl ourselves in the future. Luckily we right about on their loop and very close to Reichert's so it wouldn't be too difficult to join in if there is room for one more. This kind of thing is right up my alley ... people coming to the farm and checking out what we have going on!


BlueGate said...

It was great to see you all at the Crawl yesterday! I'm glad we got the chance to get in a quick chat. According to our "clicker" there were just shy of 1000 people that came to Blue Gate yesterday, the other farms are reporting about the same.
I think Stoneyfield Farm would be a great addition to Farm Crawl in the future. Looking forward to seeing more of you all soon.

Farmers Weekly Magazine said...

The Crawl sounds like lots of fun, how often do you do it?

Susan AH said...

I wish my brain had worked faster, Ethan, because I could have snapped a photo of your whole brood at the Farm Crawl for you. By the time it occurred to me, you and Becca and the kids had left Blue Gate.
Good to see you both again. Be sure and let me know when the pork is ready.

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