Thursday, April 30, 2009

Muddyfield Farm

I'm thinking about changing the name of our farm. Originally we named the farm Stoneyfield because that was what President John Adams called his farm and I am a huge early American history kind of guy. But, after last springs constant rain and the multiple inches of rain that we have had recently I think a name change may be in order.

So, for the time being our farm is now "Muddyfield Farm". It is actually a good description for the farm. In fact if you take a look at the picture above you can see the muddy ruts created when the tractor was stuck a couple weeks ago. The sad thing is that the valley where the tractor was stuck is even muddier now!

I'm just hoping we dry up enough in the next couple of weeks to get my projects done. The garden is plowed, but the rains came before I could get it disced and tilled. The front yard needs to have some dirt added and raked up so we can plant grass. I need to pull about 20 more old fence posts so I an get on with the fencing job. We need some solid ground so we can start our pole building project. And, I wouldn't mind the sun everyonce in awhile!

There is my farm update for the day ... it is muddy on Muddyfield Farm.


Rich said...

"...I need to pull about 20 more old fence posts..."

After a tornado, I rebuilt/repaired most of the fence on my grandparent's farm. Initially, I tried to salvage every post I could, but I finally just started cutting the wooden line posts off flush at ground level with a chainsaw (I still pulled the corner posts or t-posts that needed replaced). I just cut them as close to the ground as I could, then drove the 'stump' a few inches underground with a few hits from a sledge hammer.

Cutting the posts instead of pulling them saved a lot of time, was much safer (no tractor to roll or get stuck, no flying posts, etc.), was easier on equipment, (no worrying about ruining a tractor tire on hidden hazards) and was much less tiring (no getting off and on the tractor, no struggle to pull posts by hand with a puller, etc.).

The value of the salvaged posts needs to be compared and balanced against the amount of fence that can be built in the time saved.

Yeoman said...

The mud here this Spring has been incredible. We're still getting snow, and the moisture, which we always need, just won't quit. I slid right off the road the other day into a field, and it took me about three hours to get back out. I had to chain up, etc., and during that time, not one soul passed by. That part was okay, but now my truck is making an odd sound. Uff.

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