Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Farmer's Forum

I thought I would do a little promotion today after getting an e-mail from Tim over at Nature's Harmony Farm. He has started a "Farmer's Forum" (take the link to check it out) that is an online message board for those interested in asking questions, sharing ideas, and discussing various aspects of diverse farming (everything from sheep to marketing and processing). If you would like to read more about the idea behind the new forum check out this post on the Nature's Harmony Blog. And, then go and check out "The Farmer's Forum" and get involved.

I think it is a nice idea and I hope that it is something that will be utilized. Of course the best resource is always going to be face-to-face conversations and experiences with those doing the things you are interested in (and living in your area), but with the busy lives of so many beginning farmers (see yesterdays post) I think an online forum such as this one can be a great addition to the greater "community". I for one am going to make a point to participate ... and ask a lot of questions!

In fact there is already an interesting discussion going on over in the "Free-Range Pigs" section of the board about "Choosing Hardy Breeds". For those of you that have been following my blog lately you will know that pigs are on my brain at the moment, so this is one that I will be following.

So, get over there and join the discussion if you would like!


Tim said...

Thanks Ethan. I was glad to see your post. I hope this serves as a resource for everyone and that as many farmers as possible contribute to a lively discussion that will further all of our knowledge.


Tracy said...

I had been throwing the idea around of having a public forum once a month on a Friday night for our community in an effort to breathe some new life back into it in the direction of small scale sustainable Ag. and cottage industries. I was hoping to have a speaker each time, followed by Q&A then open discussion. We live up toword Zearing here in Iowa. The building I have in mind to use has a 160 person copacity and it would be my intention to invite surounding towns people. I would appreciate your input as well as any ideas as far as willing speakers. What could be added to this to make it a more benificial face to face resource?

Beat Scence said...

not bad, I was thinking about doing something like this for www.farmerdaily.com you have my thumbs up man

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