Saturday, February 21, 2009

A2 Milk Does the Body Good?

Let me just say that this has been an amazingly crazy week. One that has seen the sudden death of one of our church friends (who helped finish the house), our pastor end up in the emergency room again (this time with internal bleeding), another church friend had three stints put in on Wednesday, and while doing my first funeral one of the ladies from the church fainted in the basement kitchen (the ambulance came for that one). Needless to say I am worn out, but I still have a sermon to write, an all day class to go to, and of course plenty of chores around the farm.

I said that not as a complaint, but rather as a way of introduction to this post ... a kind of excuse for the lameness of this Saturday post!

A2 Milk: I don't know much about it, but I know now that you can test for the A2 genes through the American Dexter Cattle Association (by way of Texas A&M). You can read all about A2 on the A2 Milk website (it seems that someone has trademarked the whole deal). It would be interesting if any of our cows carried the A2 genetics, but I think I'll wait to test...

**One last thing. I just wanted to thank everyone for all of the great comments, encouragement, teaching, opinions, and everything else that has been contributed to this blog. We are nearing the 500th post (I have something planned) and I cannot believe how far our family has progressed. One thing is for sure though ... I wouldn't be nearly as far without all of the great help that I receive from all of those that have shared!**


Tim said...

I heard you had some bull problems the other night - at least you know that he likes your cows, so at least breeding shouldn't be a problem, right?!?! :)

Randy said...

I've never heard of this A1/A2 thing. Instant Google Wizardry shows that neither has the Weston A Price association (at least none came up in a few searches). I did, however find an article from an ABC reporter in Austrailia in 2006 (see link below)

Transcript of Story here

It contained a statement that I thought you, Ethan, would find interesting. If I remember right, your reason for becoming a "Beginning Farmer" was because of a medical report showing you had high cholesterol at your young age?

"What we found was that the animals fed the A1 casein had high serum cholesterol levels and these were much higher than either the control's animals or else those fed the A2 casein."

From my quick study on it (like ~15mins), it seems like only REALLY improved dairy breeds have large portions of A1, but many dairy breeds have a portion A1 and a portion A2.

BJ said...

Guernsey and Jersey cows have the A2 gene and on TV the other night they said you can buy the sperm from farmers on the Guernsey Islands. A2 milk would be a wonderful choice for people who have to drink Soy milk.

I am waiting for someone to start producing A2 milk in Texas. The only grocery store I can find that carries it is Hy-Vee in Kansas.

Rick Butler said...

I am importing cattle from Mexico that produce A2 milk. They will arrive in Texas in April 2014.

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